Monday, December 1, 2014

Acupuncture Explained, Part I

by David Scrimgeour, Acupuncturist & Chinese Medical Practitioner, Boulder, CO

Many people are aware of the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating pain and injuries. However, acupuncture has many broader applications, especially for preventing and treating chronic diseases. The meridians and functions of acupuncture were described over 2500 years ago in the Classic of Difficult Issues and the Classic of Internal Medicine. One quote says, 
Some people say that an illness that has persisted for a long time cannot be removed.  This statement is wrong. When someone who is experienced in utilizing the needles removes such an illness, it is as if he pulled out a thorn, as if he untied a knot, as if he opened what was blocked.”
Traditionally, acupuncture has been considered an important means for tuning the body’s energy —described as Qi , to both prevent and treat imbalances leading to disease. Qi is further described as the primordial energy or vital force that flows through the body and governs all bodily systems, organs and functions. When we are in true health, with mental, physical and emotional vitality, we say the Qi is balanced. Tuning the Qi resets the body and guides it back towards homeostasis. When it is even slightly out of tune or imbalanced, symptoms will occur. Often they are subtle and manifest as lower energy, difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, irritability, anxiety, depression, problems digesting food (heart burn, acid reflux), skin breakouts or recurrent viral infections. These subtle imbalances show up months or years before clinical diagnoses can be made of more serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders or high blood pressure. Acupuncture can adjust these subtle energies at the first signs of deviation, bringing the body back into balance and helping to prevent chronic illness. If chronic illness is already present, acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas are some of the best treatments to guide the body back into health.

David Scrimgeour, L.Ac. has been practicing Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine in Boulder, Colorado for over 24 years. He specializes in chronic illness, cancer support, autoimmune disease, GI disorders, acute and chronic viral infections, women’s health, infertility, pain and injuries. Please call 303 413-9596 if you would like more information.